Thursday, January 7, 2016

Ear,Eye,Arm Plot Summary Through Chapter 27

1. What happened to the children in Dead Mans Vlei?
     The Children were captured and brought to Dead Man's Vlei. a woman called the She Elephant forced the children to work in her underground trash mine. The children were fead and had an area to sleep, but with no bed. There was an old woman that Rita ended up getting along with and there was man called TrashMan that showed up to Dead Man's Vlei that had a connection with Kuda, but then there was Tendai. Tendai hadn't found anyone there that he really connected with. He was worried that they would all end up just like the Vlei people. At one point Tendai attempted to escape, but failed.

2. How did the children escape Dead Man's Vlei? One day Tendai found a Nedoro
while he was getting the She Elephant some water far back into the underground tunnels. A Nedoro is something that the gods would wear. Tendai started to speak to the spirit of the god that owned the Nedoro at once. He told him "Give me a sign please." After he said this he looked into the pool of water. There was something in the bottom of the pool. Tendai swam in and realized that there was a ladder in the opening above the pool. It was a well! Tendai worked hard climbing up the ladder. It was hard to because there was broken steps and he came out with his clothes ripped and cuts all over him. Once he reached the top and was outside he found Rita, who was with the old granny. The only problems were Tendai couldn't find Kuda and the She Elephant would notice that he escaped any moment. All of a sudden there was Kuda with Trashman. They were running. The old granny told Tendai and Rita that they should run and follow them so they did. After a long run and being chased by the She Elephant and her people TrashMan lead them to the bus and they got on and left Dead Man's Vlei.

3. What happened to the children in Resthaven? Once the children were in Resthaven they were bathed, clothed, and fead. Once they noticed Tendai was wearing the Nedoro they thought that he could possibly be a spirit medium one day. He was put through tests that the people would do on a regular basis. Tedai really started to like Reshaven for a little while until things got very slow and he realized that Rita was miserable and was getting very sick. Rita had to help serve the men and she was also burned at one time because she did something wrong. Rita also tried to save a so called "evil twin," from being killed that was literally just born. This was a huge mistake in Resthaven! Tendai realized that he needed to do something to get them out of there.

4. How did the children escape Resthaven? All of the children pretended to be boggy men so that they would be forced to leave. Myanda was in on the plan and was the one to kick them out. Myanda is one of the people. The children were finally out of Resthaven!

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